The entire Greece is a perfect matrimony of lush green hills, white beaches and waters so blue that they seem unbelievable, with rich history ready to tell stories from the very beginning of the civilisation to modern times.


Kefalonia, the biggest Island in the Ionian sea, is just one of the many proofs of the stunning beauty of the Greek peninsula. It still preserves most of its charm and is largely untouched by tourists - a perfect destination for those looking for a peaceful and quiet vacation. Hotels are mostly run by families and those looking for loud clubs and bars will have to hop to the neighbouring Zakynthos.


Ancient History Of Kefalonia


Named after the hero from Greek mythology called Cephalus, Kefalonia is rich in history and archaeologists have discovered objects from Palaeolithic to Venetian period. The archeological museum built in the capital of Argostoli is one of the most important Greek museums that exhibits objects from the Mycenaean civilization.


In the village Fiskardo, on the very north of the Island, remainings of an ancient Roman civilization were found along with old Venetian style villas that are now used to hide celebrities searching for some anonymity on their vacation.


Kefalonia was also famous as the location from the book Captain Corelli’s Mandolin and a movie of the same name, which was actually filmed along its beautiful coast.


If you visit the charming little village of Assos, you can take a swim, visit the Venetian castle, have an authentic Mediterranean meal in one of the many tavernas by the port and sip on some Kefalonian Robola wine in the shade of the pine trees. Your tastebuds will also be delighted with the local cheeses, olive oil and honey, as well as meals made from recipes transferred from one generation to the next - meat pie, cod pie or broiled potatoes with lemon and vinegar.


Kefalonia Beaches


Myrtos beach is usually on the list of the best Greek beaches. The turquoise Ionian sea caresses the white pebbles and large hills hide this Ionian gem from the rest of the island. It is perfect for couples, as well as families with small children.


If you are coming on a yacht, you shouldn’t miss other famous Kefalonia beaches like Antisamos, Lourdas and Skala. Lourdas is a beautiful city beach at the very south, Skala is a long sandy beach by the one of the most popular villages on the island and Antisamos is the place where rich vegetation almost touches the sea.


Melissani Cave and its lake, named after the Nymph Melissani, are no less interesting. They are located on the west side of the island, a bit further into the land with fresh water equally as blue as the Ionian itself.


When visiting Kefalonia on a yacht charter, you can dive along its coast and maybe even encounter some of the local animals like a rare sea turtle - caretta caretta.


Kefalonia is a perfect place for those who like every day of their vacation to be different and full of adventures. Tens of beaches along its coast offer plenty to be discovered and explored and it can only be done in a comfort of your own private yacht charter service.