Lefkada is one of the Greece’s unspoiled islands still largely covered by wild nature even though it is becoming more and more popular among the tourists. The first time you catch a sight of this beautiful island from the deck of your charter yacht, you will understand why its name means “white” in Greek and why its coasts could have easily been the inspiration for the Greek flag.


Lefkada Beaches

Lefkada is best known for its beach Porto Katsiki, where a stunning white sand gently touches the clear blue waters of the Ionian sea, while the steep white cliffs create a shade for the visitors to hide from the sun. Porto Katsiki always finds its way into the lists of world’s most beautiful beaches and anyone who has a bucket list probably has included this enchanting destination.

Egremni is the only beach on Lefkada that could compare to the unbelievable beauty of Porto Katsiki, but since the 2015 earthquake the only way to visit it is to arrive on boat.

Kathisma beach and its milky blue waters are also worth the visit. It is spacious and in the urban area unlike others which means you will find plenty of restaurants and shops. The sunbathers should know that it is completely sunny from the mid morning until the sun sets, with the most crowds on the north, while the south is mostly deserted.


Lefkada Villages

Agios Nikitas is a charming little village, quiet and peaceful, ideal for a meal with family and friends. It has its own beach, but if you want you want to visit others there are Pefkoulia and Milos ones nearby.


Nidri is the busiest village on the island and main tourist destination with no more than 20 minutes from one end to the next. Its surrounding hills and mountains shelter it from the wind which makes the sea and the sailing extremely peaceful here. You will be amazed by the Bay of Nidri which must be one of the most delightful destinations on the island.


Sivota is also one of the tourists favorite destinations, reserved mostly for those who like to rent glamorous villas and enjoy a luxurious vacation on Lefkas.


Yacht Sailing Around Lefkas

Since you’re exploring Lefkas by yacht, don’t miss the Cape Lefkas, steep white cliffs that rise from the turbulent waters with a lighthouse on top, which can only be observed from the sea. On a boat you can also sail around a private Skorpios island which used to belong to the Greek billionaire Aristotle Onassis.


Lefkas Town is filled with Venetian churches and fortresses, as well as Archeological Museum  that bear a witness to its turbulent past and a beach perfect for windsurfers.


If there is one island in the Ionian that is best observed by renting a yacht charter and approaching its wonderful beaches by the sea - it’s Lefkas. No steep steps when arriving on foot, no driving in the sun and spending half of your holiday in a car and, best of all, no one telling you how long you should stay in one place. Just board your Lefkas yacht charter and let your captain show you the best places Lefkas has to offer.

Additional Information About Lefkada Beaches

Port Katsiki Beach 

The Astonishing beach of Porto Katsiki is Lefkadas Highlight. Blue crystal clear waters. The view from the boat is spectacular as the mountain and the sea will leave you speechless. Top Voted beach for Ionian and meddeteranean. 

Egremni Beach

Another stunning beach of our favorite island.In comparison with Porto Katsiki only Egremni can do it. 

Cape Lefkatas

Lefkada took its name but the white (lefko) rocks of Cape Lefkatas. Legend has it that poetess Sapfo threw herself from these rocks after the sea demon Phaon broke her heart. The towering white rocks emerge vertically out of the electric-blue sea, creating dramatic scenery that will leave you breathless.

Best beaches in Lefkada

Agiofili Ranks among the island's best, with fine sand and turquoise waters. You can walk there or take the small boat that leaves from Vasiliki.

Agios Nikitas The small sandy beach of Agios Nikitas village. Close to cafes and tavernas, it is ideal for families with children.

Athani Stunningly beautiful and rather secluded. Remains blissfully quiet as it is does not have organized facilities and is rather difficult to access.

Dessimi A small, pebbly bay with crystal clear waters and natural shade. Rent a canoe to explore the sandy coves and caves along the coast.

Egremni Don't let the steep staircase that leads down to the beach put you off…this is one of the most beautiful beaches you will ever see!

Gialos A stunning sandy bay with bright turquoise waters, located north of Egremni. It is popular with campers and has a cafe.

Gyra Popular for its soft white sand and dazzling turquoise waters. The beach is served by two tavernas and is family-friendly.

Kastro A stunning bay with crystal clear water, popular with tourists and locals alike, as it is close to the town of Lefkada.

Kathisma As beautiful as it is popular. Fine white sand, dazzling turquoise waters, a beach bar, sunbeds and even a camp site. Nudist friendly.

Mikros Gialos A charming beach nestled into the verdant bay of Poros village. Flat white pebbles, azure waters and a couple of tavernas and cafes. Ideal for families.

Mili A kite surfer’s paradise, with fine white sand, shallow turquoise waters and smooth, warm winds that make for perfect kite conditions.

Mylos Fine white sand, bright blue waters and trees that roll down all the way to the beach. Accessible only on foot or by sea.

Pefkoulia A long sandy stretch with dazzling waters, backed by a pine forest. Part of it is organized, and the lesser organised part is nudist-friendly.

Porto Katsiki This is one of the most photographed beaches in the world. Fine white sand and dazzling turquoise waters, although it does get rather hectic in the busier months.