Multi day cruise

Ithaca, Mysterious, Mythical, Magical

Ithaca, home of the mythological hero Odysseus, is considered to be one of the most beautiful islands of the Ionian Sea. The natural beauty is bewitching with green and flowery landscapes surrounded by blue crystal clear waters.

The west coast of Ithaca portrays a rough and ragged beauty while the east is characterised by rolling hills and lush green valleys. The north has the better beaches and the more interesting walks while the south has the ‘relatively busy’ capital port of Vathi with significant historical links to Homer.

Calm and relaxing. Apart from the visiting yachts and ferries there is little to disturb the gentle, soporific Ithacan atmosphere.

A charming tranquil island and a truly unique experience, especially for Greek mythology enthusiasts.

First stop for our morning swim, Afales beach, this remote bay lies in the North of Ithaca,one of the best beaches of the Ionian stunning view and blue and white waters, a stunning pebbled beach great for snorkelling ,next we can choose to visit frikes and the nearest beaches there for some relaxing time a drink and a swim .

We will have to get in a port for the Evening which we will have to decide between Kioni a secluded lovely little harbour with exquisite local restaurants and waterfront cafes and Vathy the capital of Ithaca both really nice ports to visit and walk around in the town.



Quite frankly the most popular trip boasting the best spots of both breath-taking islands. This is the finest excursion to discover and explore the most beautiful parts of the two with option for a one- night stay in either of them and a second day trip.

Heading to the beautiful island of Ithaca and visiting the alluring Afales beach for our morning swim. Next stop on the other side of Ithaca, Marmakas beach great to relax and enjoy your swim and snorkelling.

Thereafter the famous cosmopolitan Fiscardo calls, with its many great restaurants and coffee shops.
Enjoy your lunch time in a local tavern or pre order your barbecue.