Cruise the beautiful Ionian Islands

Have an amazing time with our Lefkas yacht charter service and choose a duration the most suitable for you. We are here to assist you on any question you might have and explain what type of cruise is the best for you and your friends and family. You will have complete freedom to select a yacht tour of your taste and timing, whether you want daily, weekly or yacht charter service for multiple days on Ionian sea.


daily cruises

We set sail in the morning to a beautiful bay, for our first swim. You can relax and take in the scenery, enjoying the sea breeze with your favourite drink in hand.

PRICE: from €1250



With Lefkas as a starting point, we have many available options of islands and beaches to visit. Our captain will discuss with you and will create the route based on your preferences.

PRICE: from €1000 per day

multi yacht cruises lefkas
weekly yachting cruises lefkas


Renting the yacht for a full week is the typical way to discover the whole of the Ionian. You have the time and freedom to design the route of your choice and discover a different island every day for a week.

PRICE: from €6000 per week



Rio Frio Yachting is a leading Lefkas yacht charter company in the Ionian. Well-established, professional, passionate and ethical, we are experts not only in Yachting holidays , but in the Ionian islands itself. We are experienced enough to feature the finest selection of Lefkada cruises and yachting holiday packages with Azimuth yacht, the outstanding luxury boat in the Ionian islands.  We believe the real luxury is the exceptional level of service that we offer, from beginning to end.