When embarking on a Ionian island cruise on a charter yacht one destination that you should definitely visit is a small town of Parga. You would be surprised how much such a little place near Preveza city has to offer - food, history, various beaches and beach bars.

Parga is equally busy by day and night. During the day there are tens of tavernas and bars in which you can hide from the sun below the wine or palm leaves and they stay open until midnight or longer.



Historians believe that Parga was inhabited since the 13th century or maybe a few hundred years before. There is a castle on the top of the hill which was used to overlook the visitors coming from the sea as well as mainland and protect the city. Hidden from the rest of the Greece with lush green hills, Parga turns towards the endless Ionian sea and the small island of Panagia with its little white church. If you find yourself in Parga in mid August you will witness the beautiful ceremony that celebrates the Virgin Mary and see numerous little boats sailing to the islet as a part of the tradition.


Beaches In Parga

Krioneri beach is a charming beach located near the city center. From it you can easily reach an islet of Panaghia on a boat or by swimming. Piso Krioneri is a small secluded part of the town beach, a bit more private with a bar on top of the hill overlooking the sea.

Valtos beach is one of the longest beaches in Parga, hidden right behind the castle, covered in white pebbles and very popular with tourists. This is the main reason why there are numerous tavernas aligned along the beach, creating a perfect hideout from the heat and crowds on the beach.

Lichnos is the most beautiful beach in Parga covered in sand and mostly unknown to tourists. It is set in a small bay which shelters an Aphrodite’s Cave.

Agios Sostis is a little deserted beach in the Parga area with a small church. You will find no beach bars or shops here, so make sure you eat before or after the visit.

Sarakiniko beach is very hard to access by car, but coming from the sea you will be able to enjoy all of its wild and unspoilt beauty.



In Parga you will find numerous restaurants and tavernas offering exquisite local Greek and Italian food. You can enjoy fresh fish, meat and vegetable specialties, as well as pasta or pizza, always accompanied by some great local wine, traditional Greek music and a view towards the blue Ionian horizon.

Parga is famous for its olive oil manufacturing, it even has its own olive oil museum and you should not head home without bringing at least one small bottle with you.


Lefkas Yacht Charter To Parga

During your boat visit to Parga, you will see the tourists of all ages and countries. They all come to taste the little paradise that Parga offers.

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