Right below the vast Corfu lie two islands - Paxos, covered in olive trees and cypresses, and Antipaxos, one big vineyard. According to one of the legends, the mighty god of the sea, Poseidon, cut off a part of Corfu to make a beautiful paradise island and a hideaway for him and his beloved one and created a marble palace for himself inside one of the mesmerizing blue caves of Paxos - Ypapanti. And nothing seemed to change about the Paxos and Antipaxos since then except the occasional conquerors that came and went.

Reachable only by a boat, Paxos and Antipaxos islands have managed to hide from big tourism and large groups of visitors, keeping the wildlife largely untouched and preserved. Known for its peaceful atmosphere, most of Paxos and Antipaxos beaches are hard to reach on foot and can be approached solely from the sea.


Cruise To Paxos Island

When you start your Lefkas yacht charter cruise to Paxos island, you can make a stop at the beautiful fishing village Loggos, the prettiest harbor on the island, and Lakka, a turquoise lagoon mostly visited by boat owners. Don’t miss the little town of Gaios either, because it has become a place for the rich and famous to enjoy their holidays floating on a boat and the peaceful bay waters, hidden behind small islands Panagia and St Nicholas.

In the Lakka bay the most popular beaches are the pebbled Kanoni and sandy Harami beach, as well as nearby Monodendri, accessible by car, and Orkos, Arkoudaki and Glyfada that can only be reached by foot or by a boat.

The island is so isolated from the rest of the Ionian that you won’t see any clubs, big bars or even notable monuments. Only the Museum of Paxi in its capital Gaios witnesses about the island’s turbulent history.

Any of these villages can be a place where you can take a rest from your busy day of swimming and sunbathing and enjoy some of the local Mediterranean dishes like barbecued fish or stuffed vine leaves followed by an excellent local wine.


Lefkas Yacht Charter To Antipaxos

One of the smallest Ionian islands, Antipaxos has the population that varies from twenty to hundred inhabitants, which serves as one of the biggest proofs of its peacefulness. There are hardly any cars on the island and no shops.

Its most famous beaches are the most popular sandy Vrika, pebbled Mesovrika and Voutoumi beach. The sea bottom is covered in white sand and water is incredibly clear making it safe for any visitor, especially children. If you wish to get off the yacht and spend your day on the beach, local tavernas will provide sunbeds and umbrellas for you.


Private Boat To Paxos Caves

One thing that anyone embarking on a Paxos and Antipaxos cruise should not miss are the famous Blue Caves on the west coast of the Paxos island. Some of them, fo example Ypapanti cave, are so big that you can fit an entire boat inside. You should not miss the ones near Ermitis beach either. Some of the caves are missing the roof, leaving any visitor who comes in for a swim with a look towards a bright Ionian sky.


Make The Most Out Of Your Vacation

All these nature’s miracles can be best experienced from a boat. Instead of jumping from one transportation to another just to find out that the most beautiful beaches are not reachable by foot or a car, just board a beautiful yacht charter and let our captain take you to the best places Ionian islands have to offer.

Enjoy every cove at the Ionian sea, try the most delicious local food and make this a summer to remember.