The famous Blue Caves
1) one day paxoi -antipaxoi
2) second day sivotta-parga
3) third day preveza-amvrakikos

Paxos-Antipaxos trip is one of the most popular excursions delivered by Rio Frio. Paxos or Paxoi, is located just south of Corfu, and Antipaxos exactly opposite of Paxos as the name ‘Anti’ suggests. At just eight kilometres long by three kilometres wide, it can feel very much like an island in miniature with its dinky beaches, toy-town villages and dainty hills.

A boat is the only way of getting to Paxos and with a trio of large harbours, it is a big stopover favourite with yacht flotillas.
Despite being harder to reach, Paxos is still a much sought-after Greek Island holiday destination. Featuring pebble stone beaches and sheer cliffs along the coast this majestic island offers idyllic bays backed by pine forest and most importantly the famous Blue Caves.

During this time you will enjoy the view of the mainland. Heading to the most famous beach of Antipaxos, Voutoumi. The waters there are so blue and crystal clear that you will want to explore the whole beach. After a few hours we head to the famous Blue Caves (recommended) or Avlaki Beach for another swim and a snack before we depart for Gaios Port. This little town is so beautiful to walk around and the locals are always very friendly. We then head back to Lefkada town enjoying the sun setting on our backs.

For the second day option we can visit Sivotta and the beautiful beach of Belavraka which has been voted as the best beach
of Greece. After our morning refreshing swim we cruise to the beautiful town of Parga. A fantastic opportunity to explore the city- centre and its beautiful architecture. Don’t forget to visit the castle of Paragon at the top of the hill and enjoy the panoramic view of the Ionian and the town.

For our third day we sleep in Parga and enjoy the night life there. In the morning your captain will take you to Preveza to enjoy the natural beauty of Amvrakikos gulf, where the opportunity to see dolphins and aquatic turtles is almost guaranteed. Preveza town we have fallen in love with. Enjoy beautiful walks around the old town and into the small streets where tradition meets modern gastronomy. This place is bound to make you want to go back again and again.

Paxos-Anti-Paxos-Mulit cruise