ZANTE - Zakynthos

Zante is the flower of the East.

If you are coming to Greece and the Ionian islands with a bunch of friends, ready to party from dusk until dawn - Zakynthos is the place to be. If not, then visiting it in one day, observing the powder white beaches, azure sea and jumping quickly back on your yacht charter will be quite enough. By renting a Zante yacht charter you get to enjoy the beauty of this island far away from the crowds and the noise.


Zante is known for its unforgettable olive oil, currants, grapes and citrus fruit, as well as hard goat cheese. You can even find some small tavernas in villages where tourists rarely go and eat tasty local specialties.


Zakynthos Beaches


Bay of Laganas is famous as a nesting place for the loggerhead sea turtles, but also for its bustling nightlife mostly enjoyed by the young.


Navagio beach, also known as the Smuggler’s Cove, is a sight usually associated with Zante with its famous shipwreck decorating the narrow bay surrounded by 200 meter high cliffs. There is no way to reach this beautiful cove on foot, so your only choice is to approach it from the sea on a boat.


Blue Caves is another destination on Zakynthos which can only be visited by yacht. The unique collection of white stone caverns with the electric blue water filling their interior will give you a once in a lifetime experience, especially if you decide to jump off your boat, take a dive and observe the underwater life.


Tsilivi is perfect for those who like watersports like flyboarding and parachuting, as well as families with small children, but for a quiet family vacation Vassilikos would be a far better choice.


Gerakas beach may be less known than the above mentioned ones, but it is a perfect mix of long spacious sandy beach and steep cliffs, mostly wild and partially protected to preserve the turtles. In the summer months, if you stay on this beach overnight you may see the turtle eggs hatching.


Rich History Of Zakynthos


In its vast interesting history Zakynthos belonged to the Byzantine Empire, Venice, the French, the British, the Italians and the Germans. It is even mentioned in the Homer’s epic Iliad and Odyssey. The island’s patron saint is the Saint Dionysos and on August 24th you can participate in the festivities held in his honor. In case you like to visit museums wherever you go, Zakynthos town’s Byzantine Museum, whose objects were rescued by sailors during the devastating 1953 earthquake, is a true feast for the eyes on the outside as well as on the inside.


Zakynthos is not that big of an island which means it can be easily toured by a yacht charter, especially if you pick your stops according to your preferences. It’s most important attractions are only accessible from the water and visiting it in the comfort of your own private yacht charter makes for a perfect day trip or an entire vacation.